Anki Tutorial For Step 1: Step By Step Tutorial For Medical Students (Quickstart)

By the end of this video, I expect you guys to be able to start using anti for your medical school courses, I'm going to go ahead and walk. You guys through downloading anti, importing a pre-made deck and tweaking a few settings, and I'm going to show you guys step by step in this video before I start, I would really appreciate it. If you guys hit that subscribe button like this video left, a comment down below for that YouTube algorithm let's get into it. So the first thing you're going to do is go to. Ankiweb. Net, I will have this down in the description, and you will scroll down and hit download for anti right here. 64-Bit it'll, pop up over on the side and make sure you set it up and get it started.

The second thing you need to download is the pre-made decks. So I will have this one in the description as well. This is the v7 update the newest version. I highly recommend. You guys download the newest version if you're gonna start anti today.

And you just scroll down here, there's a lot of information. On here on Reddit, and here they are. So these v1 step two-step one, I'd highly recommend you guys can either download this step one step two or just the step one, uh, I would just do the step one if it was me personally, and I would just probably do the step two later once that comes up. So once you download that it's gonna pop up over here, it might actually take a while because this file is actually kind of large. So if you need to pause this before we move on, go ahead and pause, it. Alright, the third. Thing I want you guys to download is a review heat map.

This is an add-on, and I'm going to recommend this add-on straight off the bat, because I think it's going to help you guys with your motivation to keep doing these flash cards, even if this is your first time using it. And because the learning curve is so hard you're, gonna need a little of extra motivation to keep yourself going. So you don't burn out too fast and feel like it's, not useful.

So this will be the description as well. So you just. Scroll down hit assets right here and then hit this button right here. And the download will start over here on the side, all right everybody. So hopefully you have the anti app open, and you're starting at a screen like this.

You shouldn't have any decks in there. You might have had to sign up with your email or something like that. But now what you're going to do is you're gonna head down to import file, and you're going to click on that thing that said, step one with media or the step one step two.

And once. That imports you can keep playing this video. Okay, everybody now that you have your decks imported, it should say on king or zonkey, step, one, whatever that file name was called what I'm going to have you do is click on this little gear and go down and hit options on that. So hopefully you are seeing these options right here on your screen. And what this is showing you is how easy you want these cards, and I'm not going to go into these settings right now, I'm, not just going to go with show you guys a few.

Settings, I think you guys should do to start off. I would definitely not hit this button. Uh, I would make sure this is unchecked actually I'm just going to go to my options. So these are my settings.

So on the new cards tab, I have it in 1 in 10 for every new cards. I always have them in random order. My new cards per day.

I keep it high right now since I'm, not doing anything, uh this. If I just want to do my reviews guys, I will hit zero. If you just want to do your reviews for the day just hit. Zero my graduating interval on easy interval is one versus the default of four, and my starting ease is still 250.

And this is unchecked right here. So the reviews I have max reviews because I get my reviews done every single day. I don't know if these are different from the default ones let's, see real quick, yeah, so I changed two things on this. So I changed the maximum interval. So this is the days guys if you start getting cards, correct a lot it's going to start pushing them out a year in advance. And I. Put mine at four months so 120 days, and then I change the ease is on this.

And these are all personal guys. You guys are going to have to experiment with this to see how you guys retain the information best, of course, do not have this checked. My lapses, uh on this. I would hit tag only so hit this button and click tag. Only if not is you keep getting cards, incorrect, it's going to unsuspend them and as much as I want one suspend cards, I just tag them and that's that's.

What I do so on the general, uh,There are a few settings that you guys can play with, I don't, really, I didn't really move any of these. I've never used this answer timer, so I'm kind of interested to see what that is and that's basically it. So those are my settings.

Guys. You guys can go ahead and copy them just to start out or leave the default I would definitely move the maximum interval and the not checking the Barry related cards that is. Those are probably the two most important settings. I would recommend for you guys starting. Out right now today. So one last thing before we start on activating cards, what I'm going going to have you do is go up here to the tools bar.

You guys, won't be able to see my drop-down, but go down to the button that says, add-ons and click it. So now that you guys hit that add-ons button, you're going to have this file. So now what I'm going to have you guys do is hit this installs from file button. And then double-click on this new on the one you just downloaded, the review heat map download double click that. And it will pop up right here.

So, and then you can go ahead and close this screen. So that add-on is actually not going to show up until you restart anti. And what that is it'll just show you a screen down here and show you all the reviews you have done for that day. How many you have upcoming, etc., all right, we're, almost done guys.

Now what you're going to do is go up here to this button, this browse button and click on it. Once you guys have clicked on that browse button. You guys should be seeing this. Screen and up here, it should be blue. So what I'm going to have you guys do right here is hit enter. So this is going to pop up right here. And what I've done is these are all currently active and yours will probably be active.

So I'm going to have you do is click on one of them hit control all, and it's going to highlight every single card in the deck. If you guys see up here at the top screen, it shows you how many cards are in that deck it's going to be a lot. So once they're, all selected, then I'm going to have. You guys hit control j. So now those cards are all inactivated.

So you have no cards, ready to go. And once I close this. So now you see that here in the on king one since I have inactivated them, all you have no more cards. So now go back into browse.

So now that you guys hit browse again, what I'm going to have you do is go up here to the top click here and hit enter so yellow means that the cards are inactivated so earlier. What we did is we inactivated all the cards and the way I search for cards is I. Follow my professor's lectures, so let's say, we're learning about hepatitis. So what you're going to do now is up here in between this DEC current you're going to type in hepatitis. So all of these cards are cards that have the word hepatitis in them in medical school. You probably aren't going to learn everything about hepatitis on that first pass.

So I would highly suggest is you start sifting through these cards by looking at what is on the front of the card and then on the back of the card, if. It's relevant, then all you have to do is click on it and hit CTRL j. And now you see that one card is active. You can activate all these cards if you click on one of these yellow ones and hit control alt, CTRL, j, it's going to activate every single card with the word hepatitis in it somewhere in it. It doesn't have to be on the front of the card. It can be on the back, and it'll still show you that card all right guys.

And that is it. You guys are ready to start using anti for your medical school. Classes if you want to search specific decks, all you have to do is make this bigger, and you can see all the different decks in here. I would highly suggest you guys sift through these.

So that you guys know what decks are available. Um, a lot of you guys are gonna start in this MSC musculoskeletal like anatomy block. So you guys can click here and activate the anatomy cards.

And I hope this helped you guy a lot. Let me know what you think in the comments, make sure to subscribe, and I'll see you guys. In the next video bye, you.


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