Big Mountain Madness In Cooke City

Oh, dude, parking's here. What up dad, this trip kind of came about with a few of us wanting to get out in some zones, a little closer to home go a little deeper than we ever have before after all the chaos last year. This was a really great way to start the season off and get back on the road again, cook city Montana with the boys don't.

Zoom in the shots it's going to be sick it's like an aesthetic road trip, a little of hilariousness with uh Kai in the car buffalo. Boys I love it. I love the youthful. Mentality we got four more hours at this rate, dude, we got 12. Ty Jones about to weigh himself, we're, pretty close to Wyoming, but we're also worlds away.

This is such a cool town. Look at this. We rolled in it was just parked at all the restaurants that sparked at the gas station. I didn't realize we had to snowmobile to the hotel. My froth level just went way up the big bear lodge knows life in a cabin with a sled out the front door, there's, no cell service, no TVs, no nothing it's a beautiful spot. And a.

Perfect place to explore some new mountains, oh it's so deep, oh, my god, nice. One guys, I look sick. Woke up, throw the ski boots on park and built a pretty sick jump. While I was still in bed there's, a paparazzo, I know every time we skied something there was at least a group of five or six letters down at the bottom waiting to cheer us on even if we weren't hitting it right away. They were there to watch the whole process.

Oh, here we go. I think it's something that is really cool about cook city. Everyone.

Getting along and just out here, exploring the mountains, pleasant job have a good. One have a good one, awesome, where's, the edge of the boundary. So that's, just right there. This is it right?

No, that's. The huge face that's. The one I said, it looks so sick. When Kai saw that face, we kind of asked, can we ski that?

And there wasn't an easy way to get there barking's up. There setting a very gnarly double. I don't think me and Tim are going to be able to pull it Howie. I myself we uh, put in a little work about two. Hours of digging and made ourselves a Himalayan highway it's, a little exposed, but it's, uh, it works. We had a sled lap all the way along this ridge line and then a bit of a boot pack to get to the top.

Once it was set for like three days straight. We just lapped that whole face started with an idea on the sled trail. And it ended up turning out to be a lot of firsts for parking and Kai and me to my surprise, cook city. Some of the biggest mountains I've ever skied having the boys up there and.

They're so knowledgeable about the mountains makes me a lot more comfortable. We have only gone to the tip of the iceberg boys. This is so cool. I heard the news you got this dude, the camaraderie and stark up. There was super sick. Everything came together is it's, pretty big right?

It's. So good, oh, my god guys kind of both looking at this air towards the bigger edge. Yeah, I think I thought it was like maybe 40.

He said, it was only 20. The closer and closer. He got to the face, the bigger and bigger. The. Cliff started to look my god that is summer daycare, that's the biggest cliff you've ever hit.

Am I wrong? Yeah. My demand 100 parkers, that's twisted it's. Oh, my gosh, we're saying, goodbye to cook city saying goodbye to the big bear lodge. Oh, my god as sad as it is, we got to get back to Wyoming quarter pipe.



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