Faça Você Mesma: Tiara De Flores Para Ensaio Fotográfico De Gestante!!

Hi guys all good today, nobody saw evidence and teaching how to make this tyranny of beautiful flowers and expectation to do it fast and Sinai must be fine. A dot is worth a lot of land. This simple theory to advance and photographs for exams.

But she is pregnant with a girl and I understand some fans, the beginning of a tulle skirt and I, really hope. It has logic being easy for you to see. And we are going to take the step by step to make flour. We will need yours that the white is approximately 90.

Centimeters in the pieces that the advice you will also need in bloom Isaac from the research that it is better to choose the wheel to match the one with the site seeing also in the radius of the city is I, bought light. Green pink already. The PNA action is also nice to need finite glue from the vac aria with the universal Sega mil is wonderful with the subject.

It is an act is also marking the size of the ta tiara end up being demonstrated by the indigenous. You will need to count in the. River n, the scissors, a next step is a center in this, according to the head of the person who will use sand. Ok, I, love it on my head and I marked with an act, the place where it will be cut. Maybe approximately 12 from 2 to 2, learn I, didn't notice much because my kidneys can be like that.

But just to get an idea of how that deportation will look to coma. E. If cutting this center after cutting the center, we AR going to paste m like this. So you have o.

Stay on two sides, it's over. And you g, Adjusting according to your life that only use after deported, we will paste glue all over the tip from the center to the end. If the Caracalla search just press the cut for the glued paste done that's. The bad luck of your babies.

They key good it's because I bought it. She came to study the message, and it's, not cool to be able to make a face. So I step her all out and wire to make it easier at the time of collage. The habit , ah, eye, ah, with the flowers there are three we are going to cut it. Organized practical purposes, don't have any know to pick it up alone and stick the wire that little end once it doesn't let any out it hurts. Her head. Ah, , oh, ok, to her eye.

D, the benefit the year o. Now, we're going to glue your bull I, put this boot on a very generous belly because to ensure that this one is alone, colic and don't. Let go is very weak land. One next to the other session in low before this. If you're in step with one next to the other, they don't have that.

Ah, ah, ah, where do you. Come from colleges flowers I, read hit nothing to fix a firmness for you that the flowers are not going to paste to finish. Now we are going to take off like this. The rose in the fontinas child will make the final finish of our series, well, we're going to take a pink taxi and let's give it a go room on the diagonal l at the tip of it doesn't entail. You know, it gives that OACI effect we're going to need our Augustine on each side of care at home and lived in what she had in the middle use. The.

Room diagonally in both workshops, it's good to be happy, and we're going put glue inside the corner of the center to put the feeling if you want, you can do this before folding. The cello is I think it's going to think about the work. But it also works very well. I would put the glue pressing hard on both sides, . The exchange at the fair was just like that. But my friendship for you to see how it was waiting a lot. We are deciding if you liked it, yes, I liked it and leave in the comments.

Any. Video suggestions, thank you very much for that end. It was a super kiss, and until the next official video. So damn that on the channel and territorial of how to do it and go out of tulle to do a photo shoot of instant then leave these aids, free flight notification.


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