Greek Yogurt Billionaire Fills His Plants With Refugees

Mustafa, Abdul Kareem is putting labels on yogurt containers. Three years ago he was running for his life. His village in Sudan was burning Doha, fella, no cattle or Dubai. And they killed my father giving the body and two of my siblings, he's, one of 600 refugees working for Hamid Lusaka.

So my background is the reason that I knew about the refugees and I knew how important it is to accept it with the new community it's only possible. If you get a job, EULA Chaney started Greek yogurt company, Cobain in.2007, a year later, he began hiring refugees to work at his upstate New York plant. Why did you feel a connection to refugees? Because you didn't have that kind of story I left Turkey because I was Kurdish, and I was very serious about Kurdish rights. A lot of Kurds in Turkey flee. The country villages were bombed persecution, oppression fear.

These are the common themes in the stories that many of his workers tell. But these refugees are the ones that hit the lottery. The UN resettled less than 1% of. Those seeking refuge, the odds are against the millions currently, fleeing violence and death in the Middle East I, couldn't believe it I, didn't know, I should have known even though I was hiring refugees in four or five years. I, didn't know, how bad this is Yulia ayah says, the system for processing and resettling refugees is in dire need of change. And that undertaking will require corporate America to step up you're asking the business leaders.

I do why should they because we are effective the way. That you said, it suggests that government is not effective, no I mean, this broken, right, it's. Broken. Its broken UN is broken.

Government is broken. This issue shouldn't have come to this point. It could have been stopped a long time ago, big names from Google to Goldman Sachs have already pledged support. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has raised 17 million in donations. But Yulia ayah says, business leaders can do more than just write checks. Let's face it with the way that we're dealing with you. In it with the refugee crisis today is the same way that we did in nineteen forties and fifties nothing's changed.

Imagine the refugees has a cellphone as a Facebook there's, a group, and they're telling them which roads to follow. So they did the way that they're dealing with this is different. Then the conditions are in the ground.

And while he's promised to eventually give away about half of his 1.4 billion dollar fortune to support the cause right now. He's donated two million dollars for immediate. Relief, he hopes it'll make it easier for people like Abdul Karim to start a new life within this short time.

What working here I was able to buy my own house and P and I also help in makers. There's enough. Wealth is not knowledge there's. Not mobility there's enough. Technology, there's enough billing, this there's enough of everything you just have that faster.


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