How To Clean Your Trading Card - Prepare It For Grading

What's up guys FAZ here again, from, and we're going to show you something a bit different today, uh, the basic cleaning process before you send your cards in to get graded. So something that often gets overlooked a lot of guys will send their cards in absolutely filthy, not even checking them over, so we're going to address that today. It's, very, very simple, it's, only a short video, because it is only a short process, but it's something that anybody can do at home before they send their. Cards off for grading.

If you're loving our content, guys, don't, forget to like subscribe hit that notification bell down the bottom for all the latest AIDS when they drop without any further ado let's get into, so guys got a couple of cards here from my SGC submission. Um, if you haven't seen that submission guide check out my grading card guides. Now what you're going to need is a paper towel? Okay and that's.

It just papers towel, don't use household chemicals or anything or water or anything like that. Um, if there's a little of stuff on it, I normally would just breathe on it and then use the know, one of these paper towels. But basically just put it in the center of the paper towel, fold up the corner like that. And then with the top edge.

Okay, you just want to just do corner by corner. Now obviously refractory are a bit easier to clean, because I've got shiny. So with the base cards that have got no gloss or anything like that, uh, I still do this.

But sometimes you know, there's, very little. Effect, okay, so same for the bottom guys you hold it. You pin it with one. And you use the bottom two to clean like that. Okay, not much pressure. Just circular motions don't press, very hard. Okay, okay.

And as you can see that's shining quite nicely. So we'll, pop him back inside the sleeve, which is over here, sleeved and then inside its card. Saver. Okay, that'll just get rid of any other little gunk or anything like that. Same with this one guys just pop him out of the penny sleeve.

I was tilted in a light. Tooth because you know that way you can actually pick up the marks and the fingerprints. So now, if the back's glossy you want to do that too there's a bit of a mark on this one at the top here, just trying this I'm just going to breathe on that that's, all you want to all you want to do is just breathe on it.

Okay, don't use water. You know, I've seen people spraying all sorts of stuff on them and household chemicals and that's just going to ruin them. So don't do that unless of course, you're never going. To grade it, and you don't care, then you both by all means, but it's, not going to grade very well, if you're spraying it with chemicals and all sorts of other things. So that's, looking a lot better always hold it side to side or top to bottom. Okay and I'll never grip over the top just like that. And the last one it's, not that much of a shiny car, but it does have a little of gloss.

So we'll, try and see first if it's got any fingerprints or anything like that. So, and this has a glossy back, so we're. Going to do the back of this one as well, make sure you wash your hands before you do these as well, you don't want dirt or oil. You want your hands to be as dry as possible when you're doing this as well. So that you know, basically when they're oily, if you do happen to touch them, you're, not going to get into much trouble.

However, if your hands are very oily and dirty you're going to leave some pretty uh funky, looking fingerprints, um and that's, not gonna that's not going to grade. Well, especially if. You're not onto it, and you're, not switched on all right. So these bad boys are ready to get sent off to SGC all right. That's it for today. Guys just thought I'd don't touch base on that one.

If you've got any questions or comments, um, let me know hit me up in the comments section, and we'll get back to you as soon as that, but that's it for today. Guys, um and we'll. See you next time you.


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