How To Dry Neck Wood For Acoustic Guitars - Ep 11

Gold guitar, I came in this world playing a gold guitar. There you go finished finite. This started after I left the London school of furniture. I built guitars in my garage for a while and 25 years later, there are now 10 of us building our own brand of unique guitars out of our workshop in Canterbury, hi, there, I'm Alistair, akin from akin guitars in the UK. Welcome to episode 11 of our workshop videos in this video. We have Phil showing you how to do some polishing final polishing on acoustic guitars. We've also got mark showing you a brand new om-37 with Goa back inside and a black top and Tom's going to be sticking our very first engraved pick guard onto our gold l36.

So I hope you enjoy the show stick around till the end I'm going to be running another competition, you're going to be able to win an acting guitars t-shirt. Yeah, please enjoy the show. So we got a load of wood from uh, Spain for necks and neck blocks.

And unfortunately, I came to realize it wasn't that dry. We usually have it vacuum. Dried, but they've been a misunderstanding. So we've had to set up this downstairs, toilet, there's, a drying room. And so we've got all our neck stock here.

Um, we've got our the neck blocks here. And we've sort of got a radiator on all the time. And then because it's got fan in here, it sort of circulates the air. So we can sort of dry this timber out, uh quicker than you could by just stacking it normally. So I've got it's quite an interesting one. I've got a, um, a moisture meter here.

And this will give us. An indication of how wet something is. So for example that block there on the outside 23, okay.

So we want that to be really about between 10 and 12 before we use it. So it's got quite a lot of drying to go here's, a sort of dryer block that we've had for a while. And so yeah, that gives you an indication of how much more it's got to go.

So timber like this can take months and months to dry. So hopefully we'll be able to keep an eye on it. We sort of saw someone neck up.

So we can get into the. Heart of the wood. And so you know, what was really wet last week is that's drying out.

But I mean, we've got we've got a few months to wait before we can actually use it. So yeah, that's. What you have to come up with makeshift ways of sort of dealing with problems, but what's nice is, I mean, I've ordered a load more, uh stock that will be here in a few weeks, and it will be dry. So we can use that pretty much straight away. And then this lot will be ready after that lot's gone.

So yeah, it's. Just it's nice to get everything dry with obviously big trouble. If you don't have dry timber when you're building guitars, so it's, you know, it's pleasant that we realize these issues before we start using wood. So anyway, there it is the toilet come drying room. So these guitars have been sprayed, and they've been standing for about a week, just letting the lacquer cure harden up a little. And now we're ready to be polished.

So what I'm doing here is I'm cutting back. The finish with some 800. Grit sandpaper, um, just to get rid of any sort of like minor surface, imperfections or anything like that, um. And so any orange peel, and then we're going to take them to the bathing wheel. And yeah, just give them a pleasant gloss, sort of finish.

So this is our akin on. 37. We put a c on it for custom it's, very much, an internal design.

So this is our normal om-37 proportion guitar, but features, an Adirondack top, which we finished in black a normal 37 trim. So we've got the herringbone around the outside, a. Lot of decorative rosette, five stripes, pick god and on the back lovely set of color, which, as you can see, very, very, pretty very bright wood. And this is striped color. So it's really got some figure to it. We recently made one of these a bit of a test see if we liked it see if the dealers and the customers liked it, and it sold this weekend to a customer. I was very, very happy with it.

So timely that we've got another one in production. So this is the cover it's, a really popular tone wood, a couple of. Companies really pursue making out of car, um, he is becoming a little harder to get hold off. Um, we've got a little reserve downstairs.

So we've got capacity to make a few more of these. Um, we really love this it's really fitting in well with the akin vibe sits beautifully amongst the other sounds, we typically use rosewood or mahogany. Our essential range is mostly made of mahogany. And our 37 is normally a rosewood. The car has a different sound to it describing sound with words, it's, an art. Form to itself, but I would say this has got the brightness of the razor development thump in the bottom end it's, probably my take on it.

You ask the other 10 guys in the workshop, you'll probably get 10 different takes, um. But it has something about it. That's really, really nice it's, very light as well as it would, um on on, it's, perfect, small portion, guitar and nice and light it's got some lovely. Body turns some real sparkle top ends. So it's really lovely, um, these are going out to our dealers, um it's.

Not something we're producing a massive volume off because the color supply is pretty limited, but these can be found equally we're happy to take inquiries as are our dealers, but yeah, on 37 color with the black top. We love the contrast with the black top and the bright orange. I think it's very striking. And underneath that black is a really lovely, um, I think it's, maybe even a 4a or an AAA grade Adirondack top. So that really helps with the tone as well. So yeah, really luxurious set of materials on.

What was already a pretty beautiful spectacular guitar, um beauty with this combo. It puts the on square in both houses, it's, a great strummed, it's, really, really bright and jangly, but also really, really articulate with the finger picking. And the color gives it some nice overtones. So if you're picking single notes guitars doing a pleasant bit of work in the background to color that in for it. So yeah, here it is I'm. 37 cars, my personal favorite as well.

So do. So we built 10 guitars a week, and we build. Eighth order for our divas, and then the other two each week are like our output for creativity. So we create two guitars as a team. We think are really special so that's, where the first one of these came from and that's where this one is, so it's currently sitting what we call a stock slot, um, which our dealers are chasing us for.

I expect. It may go to guitar as they uh sold the previous one this weekend. But I guess it remains to be seen. So yeah, two out of every ten of our guitars are very. Much created for us, um and just exploring what we can achieve with the woods and the shapes and the designs. So over the next few weeks, as you watch his channel, probably going to see some quite unusual stuff.

I think even in today's episode, we might be seeing a gold top acoustic guitar. So, yeah, this one's currently in stock slot, um, a lot of adidas are chasing us for those slots, because they know things get going in them a little special about usual. So yeah, check them out.

This is a custom gold l. Where it says just pop in the lovely, custom-made gift guard on it let's get it in the right place there? Okay, the last piece of the puzzle. Yeah, we are with AK, the real lord finesse it's, putting the adhesive backing on the back of the custom-made pit gun. Well, gold l36 he's got the finesse he's got it on lock. Did he sit on now, and it's going to come off?

It is going to come off. Yeah, there you go lovely to be. Pretty simple really should be right. There really see, yep, that's. It that's where that's. Gonna live whoa, there.

We are baby all done custom gold guitar. I came in this world playing a gold guitar. There you go. Finished, finite, mmm. Thanks for watching hope you enjoyed the show if you did, please subscribe to the channel in the subscription below make some comments if you're interested in knowing more about what we're doing, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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