La Mejor Configuracion De Daltonismo Para Fortnite

Tired of your shape looking so shitty with poppy colors and a lot of poops in shape and don't worry, brother, for today's video, I, bring you the best color adjustments in a very good shape guys. How are you my name is wax and welcome to a new video companion for today. I bring you the best color adjustments to form. They are quite cool, color adjustments, quite beautiful, quite good.

That will help you see better clearer, more colorful in form, I hope you like it very much this video only that before. Starting I, invite you to leave your good like to subscribe to the channel. If you are not yet to activate the very important bell, so that they notify you when I upload a new video, remember brow that the most direct way to support me the way you would be helping to improve all my content is by using my creator, code watts, with double s in the form store and I would be very grateful to you. Remember, dab row that if you occupy it, you can't send a photo to my Instagram, Twitter and discord.

They will be. Down in the description with nothing more to add now let's start with the video. But before starting with this video I want to give a warning to all those who are from console for me, browsing console, a module to the tonic does not seem the coolest thing for force night to look good I feel that it does not look good, or it does not look as good as it would on pc. So I, bring you a solution to this. If you want to give your shape a new color and then stay in this video that I am going to show you how to.

Give your shape a new color, what you should do is go to your monitor screen where you play. And then you are going to go to menus image. Most of the time it is like this. And you are going to realize that there are going to be some options that say, contrast, brightness sharpness, some more some less, whether you are from pc or from console that this little tip is more recommended towards those from console play with the values that there are it shines if you want it brighter, contrast, if you want. It blacker and more saturated, the colors that I recommend here have a white contrast so that you can see well in the shadows, the sharpness to see how fine the image looks that you play with all the values of 0 to 100 from 0 to 100 and find a color that you like, you can set your TV or your monitor in whatever way it is, literally if you want it very colorful, the saturation can go all the way up.

But if you don't want it so brighten the brightness will you can put in 60 percent. The values may change. But believe me that all m, actors and all televisions have here settings.

So brow I recon end, you try it as it is a very good option to give your custom color to the game. Well, you have done this already on your monitor on your pc let's go to the colorblind modes. I, bring you four of the best colorblind modes that I could find that I could try and above all that I liked.

So that you can try in your game, whether you are a console or a pc, that the colorblind modes are now more recommended for the. Pc ones, the first colorblind mode that I am going to recommend is brightness at 50%. Contrast interface for a colorblind mode. None and therefore intensity of colorblindness. None now I'll leave you with a few short clips to take out in some realistic ones. So you can see what this colorblind mode looks like.

Ah. And the second mode of the technician who I'm going to present today is brightness at 70%. Contrast of the user interface in x 1 mode of the tonic, 30 girlfriend and intensity of color. Blindness at 8%, I will leave you other clips below. So you can see how the game looks. Yes, ah, 1.

Ah, the third colorblind mode that I am going to present to you is brightness at 145. Contrast of the interface by 1 colorblindness mode, Du tern, OPI, a colorblindness intensity at 10%. It should be clarified that this color blindness is quite shiny, but it looks super, super cool. Here are a few clips 2, good, fourth and last module to the tonic and a mode that will give us.

Contrast color that will be to see. Well lived our for night is the following brightness at 90 percent. Contrast of the user interface to the forum or color.

Blindness mode, float OPI to intensity of color. Blindness at 8 percent, then I, leave you a few other clips, yes and well, brothers, so far this video, I, hope you liked it a lot I hope. It has been useful to you and above all I hope I have helped you if so, do not forget to leave your good like and subscribe to the channel. If you are not using it yet, the best Hawks creator, code. With double s and without more to add see you until a new video greeting and until next time, goodbye, good.



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