Mike Tyson -V- James "Quick" Tillis - 1986 (Highlights)

See Willis delivering the left jab and following with the right he is not running away from Tyson and Tyson goes to work on the body. A few weeks ago who scored the Larry Holmes, Michael spines fight in favor of Holmes that was an excellent right uppercut by quick Willis, which is a punch that should be effective against someone who comes in burrowing in like Tyson does as he has managed to stay away from Tyson's thunderbolt. Although he just took a right hand, we'll be back lost to Tillman in the. Olympic trial right-hand lands flush on the cheek, custom auto train fighter, prides himself on his defense. And Mike really was disappointed that shows hit him with some right hands. A jab by my size and a rare punch for him in his first 19 fights, good head movement by Tyson coming in.

He won't knock us out with it, but he will wear him down and bring his hands down. So he can land punches to the head Willis trainer and co-manager. Beau Wilford said that he had been working with him for the last. Six weeks tying up Tyson's arms. This is an important learning experience for Mike Tyson he's going to have to be able to handle a quick Willis to get to the top. Even he is right now.

Willis is making the mistake of trying to trade with Mike Tyson. He should be moving off the ropes round, three coming to a close. And Mike Tyson warms to the task. Once again, as the round comes to close back with more after this word from our local station to Mike Tyson right hand and a good left hook, and that one left. Hook would score Tyson now appears to be a little less shy about stepping up inside how low he gets to duck under those punches' puncher. Mike, weber, largely by staying away.

He got punched again. He lunges in against the left hand. I don't think that was a punch. The knockdown punch was a punch that hurt QuickTime.

You might have learned not to lunge so badly with the left hand, though and again, not busy in the clinch, that's, frankly, astonishing because the opportunity is there for him to do a lot of. Damage there he gave a half-hearted effort at that combination. We talked about the right to the body of the right uppercut. And that was on January two, good short, chopping, right hands by Phyllis Tyson, waiting for Willis to open up. And those two body punches didn't get till his attention. And he grabs just the grimace on his face alone.

I think indicates that quick Willis was hurt by those two body punches. And the right hand got through the guard onto the cheek Attila who looks a little the worst. For wear now in the last minute of round, five.

And now it becomes clear that dillies will last longer than anyone else has personally Alex. I have it 401 for Tyson. I've not given Willis around all right. One way is to say that he's pacing himself he's, waiting for the opening. The other way is to say that he's getting frustrated getting taken out of his fight.

There were moments ago, a brief combination to the body of the kind of rapid fire punching that you expect from Tyson. But that was one of a very. Few times, perhaps the only time in the batman we've seen it. But again, he comes on at the end of the round Tyson with the lead in the fight to this point over jams quick, jealous, but fighting a curiously docile fight so far, he almost looks right here like he's, waiting for Willis to make the fight to come to him. And I think he also trained harder for this fight. He realizes this fight means everything to him.

He has lost four of his last five where they called him, here's her right hand by Tyson and. The uppercut mike was a little extended with the punch did not have the proper range for full power. Now he's at the right range. Ellis landed a left didn't seem to faze Tyson at all. We will stay here between rounds as it is told us who tries to flurry at the end of round seven in 1981. There is no question that up till now if the fight continues this way, it goes to a decision Tyson in my opinion will win the decision, but the Mike Tyson mystique will suffer could that.

In fact, Alex be good for.Mike Tyson, yeah, I think in the ultimate you're exactly right to get that learning experience. And maybe if he has to go to decision to win the fight, then there won't be as many people asking every day. When are you going to fight for the championship of the world? This Mike Tyson looks very much like the Mike Tyson who lost two close decisions to Henry Tillman in the heavyweight trials for the Olympic Games in 1984. He is confused by the movement.

The movement does not allow him to hit a stationary. Target and therefore, he can't set himself as well and Henry Tillman recently, scored a first round knockout over bash Ali right now we are in round, nine, mike, Tyson, well ahead in the scoring or so we would judge it against jams Willis, but looking for a knockout to keep his 19, knockout string alive, I'm, not sure if he is looking for a knockout Jim. I mean, he certainly isn't fighting like someone who it is possible that number one, he doesn't know how to knock kill us out till he's presented a problem.

To him in terms of power punching that he can't solve. But secondly, it's also possible that Mike Tyson is interested in how he is going to react to fighting rounds he's heard all the doubters say he can't, go 10 rounds or 15 rounds, and maybe he's in the back of his mind, trying to find out exactly is how he is going to respond in that kind of fight. Then he has no danger in my opinion of losing.

We have gotten to the end of round, nine we'll be back for the closer. The crowd tries to liven itself up. And try to provide some encouragement to Mike Tyson, most of them have come here today, hoping to see a knockout and frankly, expecting to see a knockout Tyson, tries to deliver with the right hand and steps in and throws the always left difficult to know why a crowd is booing.

You can't cycle, analyze 8 000 people. I think it's possible that they're disappointed in Mike's performance. They came here wanting to see what him do what he's done in his previous 19 fights. And he doesn't appear at this point. To be going all out to satisfy them landed the left hand, but tiller stood right there. And now Tyson. One of the few times we've ever seen him swinging wildly good left hand.

Willis is still there Willis continues to give a good account of himself. It will be interesting to see how mike reacts to this closing with a flurry. The bell is going to sound here is the official score. Judge Bernie freaking scores, it six rounds to four to the general release presents six months before undefeated.


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