New Canada $10 Dollar Purple Plastic Money

American bra collecting currency about joining you today with a $10 Canadian note, I have four of these. There was actually the other one doesn't want to slide out. There was actually a hundred of them in a stack I don't, like even touching these notes because I don't like any fingerprints on them, etc. But I will for this video. This is viola Desmond. She was a civil rights activist in Canada in 1946.

She refused to leave the whites-only area of a movie theater. And she is in that sense, celebrated here. On this note as sticking up for other people's rights human rights. So in that way, she's kind of like the modern-day Rosa Parks. She was jailed convicted, arrested and fined for doing that, and she's. Now, a permanent part of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights that's on the back I'll show that to you guys in a second it's, a vertical note, but I have it here on its side due to the holder. This is the map of Halifax where she lived worked and grew up and served and also struggled for justice on the.

Frontier, you can already see if it's coming in really well, it's the vaulted dome ceiling of the Library of Parliament of Canada it's, a stunning example of Gothic, Revival architecture. And in that style, of course, and the laws of the land are shaped by the knowledge, housed in this institution of democracy. So of course, the laws are affected by what laws are in there. And what books are in there.

And what information is held in those walls, the True North flag, new True, North strong and free. The Canadian. Flag is pointing the maple leaf at least due north, there's the flag. And then you also have the Canadian coat of arms appears with the crown on top showing its part of the Commonwealth, and it's also there's a Latin phrase, their Ahmadi who's, gay, a Damage, which means from sea to sea not sea to shining sea like it would be in the U.S. let's flip. This note around I, really find the front kind of haunting.

Her eyes for some reason it's kind of weird like I feel like she's kind of like haunting. The. I, don't know, it's really odd. The back here you can see that there's a ten dollar big, large symbol.

Canada is on the bottom. You still see the hologram there's, the see-through maple leaf and here's, a feather, the feather kind of changes color, depending on how you tilt it. And that represents the native tribes of Canada, the First, Nations peoples and their ongoing journey and towards recognizing their rights and freedoms and that's really sad because that was their land after all. And here you have. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms in French and English, which is entrenched in the Canadian Constitution. And on I guess you could say bottom, right when it's sandy vertical are symbols of the laurel leaf and that's an ancient symbol of justice.

And it appears in the grand entrance hall of the Supreme Court of Canada. So that's kind of a bunch of different symbolism. Going on I, really like the color of the note. The note smells amazing smells like maple leaf syrup or maple syrup, maple Acer, I. Guess you could make them from leaves too, you could try, but usually you actually drill it out from the core of the trunk of the tree.

Anyway, getting back on track really love this note. Thanks for watching guys, I hope, you enjoyed seeing it as well and it's immediately going back and its holder right here. Take care.


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