Nintendo Switch - 8Gb Ram System Upgrade Coming?

What's up guys. Welcome back. Thank you again. For joining me for this discussion in this video we're going to be discussing the Nintendo Switch and a possible. Eight, gigabyte revision model for the system is it possible?

Is this what's actually happening we're going to analyze the latest dev kit update from the guys at switch brew, org who have the entire source code that they posted on their website? So I'm going to go ahead and say that if you do enjoy this discussion, please hit the like button and. Subscribe for more as we go forward, so let's, go ahead and get started. So as we discussed before, the Nintendo Switch got a firmware update to 5.0 point 0, and this included various different things that the user could enjoy like Twitter and Facebook access and things like that.

And a lot of things that took place behind the scenes as well, including a lot of updates towards the hacking scene as far as disabling. Some of the functions that it had with the previous firmware. So hackers could not exploit. It to use Homebrew and to basically load their own code on it through the kernel. Now, the entire source code for this update was not made available until recently from the guys over at switch brew, org, they went and compiled an entire list of everything that changed with this 5.0 0.0 update and there's. Some interesting things in here.

So first, the Nintendo Switch got this update now it was noticed in the changelog when it first took place a week ago, but there's going to be a revision taking. Place for the intent to switch APU or SOC, the Terra x1 processor to prevent it from having this boot, room exploit that hackers have been using to load their own executables onto the Nintendo Switch. And this is an unmatchable hack that they took place, so it's a physical flaw. Of course, that they found in the Terra x1 processor. So Nintendo is going to be revising this chip and releasing it in feature. Nintendo Switch consoles to the market. Now it was discovered that this chip is code named, t, 214, which.

Is another revision, the Terra x1, if I remain some very specific modifications to this chip or piracy and hacking prevention. And it should be noted that the current chip that the Nintendo Switch uses is the t2. Ten variant of the Terra x1 processor. So this isn't really a completely different chip it's, still the Terra x1. It is just a different variant that has been modified most likely to stop this unmatchable boot, room hack. And this revised processor is code named, Mario, ma, RI KO.

Now, when this was. First discovered, many people thought this was a brand-new Nintendo Switch, just from this Co name being discovered people thought that this was going to be a brand-new Nintendo Switch. But now something else has been found. Additionally, in this change lock by the guys from switch brew. Now as we know, the Nintendo Switch uses four gigabytes of total system memory for access to the operating system and for the graphics and everything it does for gaming.

And for the system functionality uses four. Gigabytes total for the retail version of the Nintendo Switch. Now, according to this changelog, the dram ID assigned to the code name Mario is using two different variants of Samsung, ram. These uses the four gigabyte variant, and it uses an 8 gigabyte variant. Now, that's very interesting, right, 8 gigabytes.

So many people right away concluded that quite possibly the Nintendo Switch will be getting a revision in the future that will come with 8 gigabytes of system. Ram on the console in order to give the. System more availability to extra textures and things like that stored in memory during gameplay. Now, this all sounds perfect right like the system will get in RAM upgrade. And basically a better version of the Nintendo Switch.

Just like the new 3ds has something somewhere as well I had more RAM and made the system faster more snappy. And it had even games that took advantage of the extra space. And the 3ds also got a boost in processing power as well. So in the case of the Nintendo Switch, however, It's quite interesting, though because looking more closely at these change logs I found something very interesting for what the kernel in the Nintendo Switch is a sign currently for RAM to be used and allocated.

So just a little ways down from that memory configuration for Samsung, four gigabytes and eight gigabytes, there's, a kernel memory configuration here that says that the kernel reads this, when setting up memory related to code if a bit zero is said, it will me set various allocated memory. Regions with 0 X 5, 8 0, X 5, 9 0, X 5, an instead of 0. This allows Nintendo developers to find uninitialized memory bugs. If bit 1716 is 0 B, 0 1, the kernel assumes 6 gigabytes of DRAM instead of 4 gigabytes. So of course, I'm going to leave a link in the description. But if you look at all this peers at the current configuration of the kernel memory, only allows developers to use 6 gigabytes of VRAM and 4 gigabytes of DRM, there's, various different development, kits, I'm sure out there, indie developers. Triple-A if there are parties, you know and things like that they're, not going to have all the same type of dev kit.

But it is interesting here because the kernel is using 6 gigabytes or 4 gigabytes. It is not currently assigned to 8 gigabytes, even though the system is updated to support an 8 gigabyte model for RAM from Samsung. Now, looking back at the changelog, the current Nintendo Switch, Terra x1 is code name Arista. And it does use these 4 gigabyte and 6 gigabyte variants for its DRAM. So out of these. Different things that we're seeing here we can come to a few different conclusions.

And quite honestly, any one of them could be true or could end up true. But after this I'm going to give my best estimate as to what this really could mean, one, theoretical possibility could be that Nintendo is releasing an 8 gigabyte version of Nintendo Switch to retail when it supports this new Terra, x1 processor, the t2 14. And this system update has it all entailed into one update that's compatible with two. Different Nintendo Switch variants coming to retail that could be one scenario right? Or it could be this.

It could be that the Terra x1 to 14 processors is only compatible with the 4 gigabyte. And the 8 gigabyte variants of the memory from Samsung that could be a scenario. And the Colonel Kong used four gigabytes to six gigabytes for developers in their different development kits, which would mean that when this new Nintendo Switch modified version is released to retail, the eight gigabytes that. Developers would have in their dev kits would only be using six gigabytes of that storage space.

And one reason for that, and I'm just speculating here would be that Samsung quite possibly could be phasing out the six gigabyte variant of their memory sticks that they are currently selling at mass production for gigabyte variants in a gigabyte variants are much, much more common to vendors and to even the consumer when they go out and purchase them. You don't, usually purchase six gigabyte variants of. Ram or memory. So the six gigabyte variant of a Nintendo Switch, dev kit, could quite possibly be getting phased out completely. And maybe in the future they're going to be updating the switch again in order to only use four gigabytes and eight gigabyte variants. But since the kernel was designed to use four gigabytes and six gigabytes to developers, it may only be using six of the eight gigabytes available.

And this is more common than you think because when memory goes in short supply, the prices tend to. Go up now unrelated to the Samsung has recently said that they are focusing more on the eight gigabyte variants of their ram as far as HP m2 is concerned. Now, even though the switch uses lpddr4 doesn't make sense that they would eventually transfer to a 4 gigabyte variant, and an 8 gigabyte variant to developers. Now, while a retail Nintendo Switch at 8 gigabytes is theoretically possible, of course, I'm not going to rule that out at all.

However, usually when a system is upgraded like that with the RAM. Being doubled as far as in comparison to the current retail version, typically the processor itself is also enhanced as well. So the integrity - 14 X 1 processor that they're using in this updated variant is going to be released to retail. This is still basically the Terra x1. So this is not the Terra X 2, or you know, something in the future that Nvidia is working on this is still based on the original processing power, probably with some modifications to it doubling.

The memory is not necessarily going to. Increase much of the processing power of the system. The processing power still is going to be basically the same. And theoretically, it would have more access to things like textures, faster, stored in memory during gameplay in certain types of games. If this were the case, but typically when you have that extra memory, you need a faster chip to access that memory in order for to appear on-screen.

So it's hard to say, if they were really actually use this extra memory in the final retail version released. In the future for the consumer. My best guess is that this is a development kit updates. And that the 8 gigabyte variant will be coming in the future for developers to use, and they quite possibly could be phasing out the six gigabyte variant of their memory that they're using for the current Nintendo Switch, making it compatible with four gigabytes and eight gigabytes. Only if Samsung is, in fact, phasing out that memory chip again.

This is all speculation on my part, but it doesn't make sense. However, Nintendo could still come out with enhanced in ten dos, which with increased memory it's, just according to this, it doesn't seem too likely at this point. But of course, we're going to leave the door open to the possibility all right, guys, I hope. Everyone was able to understand that. Well enough in order to get the gist of what I was trying to explain here with the Nintendo Switch and the update, but please feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section do you think that this does mean. Nintendo's gonna release an upgraded version of Nintendo switches retail, or do you think that this is simply a developer update for dev kits only and that the consumer simply won't see the benefit of this update at all. Let me know what you think about it again.

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