Old Vs New: 1993 Kawasaki Mule Compared To Today's Mule

If you're expecting a Russians on side-by-sides gone wild in this video, it might be a little disappointed. This is Andriy on vacation having a little of fun. And when he says, he's going to cross the river, well, he's not, but it's, a fun video.

Anyway. So coming up right now. Watch Russians gone wild on vacation as Andre does not cross a river. We got ourselves a classic old versus new. But this time it's a Kawasaki Mule old versus new, which one can cross the stream and climb up the bank coming up right?. Now this is a 93 Kawasaki, Mule, and it's, a very basic one, two-wheel drive, but check this out. It has eleven hundred.

And seventy-one hours on the clock that may not seem like a lot actually it's not a lot of hours. But over 25 years, this unit has seen some life and very simple let's, get an air box here, little fuel tank on this side and a little motor underneath it's been very reliable on the farm here in New Mexico and I want you guys to send us more information about your side by side or. Your ATV, let us know, what's been reliable.

What has failed what kind of maintenance you need to do on your units and send it to us at ask at TFL, offload, calm or comment on this video or comment on TFL, off-road, calm the website by the way here's a brand-new unit, actually a 2017 Kawasaki, 4x4, Pro, FX, mule LE with power steering? This one has got all the bells and whistles oval drive lock unlock lights, LED lights, there's a CVT with high and low gear, upholders locked differential in the rear unlocked. It's, pretty simple it's. Cool got your choke. You got forward, dear and neutral and reverse parking brake on the new mule way up high, which is very handy got reverse down below neutral high and low gearing.

And you can actually start the engine in gear, or you can put it in neutral. And then you have a locker here for the differential four-wheel drive two-wheel drive and lots of cool light options. This is the outer lights and LEDs in the center. Maxim trailer, weight, 900, hey, it's, not bad here's. Some.

We're eating a lot more now, but a lot more expensive, to see if I can cross this little stream here, slowly, slow waters, running a little low today for this season I should say - we'll try really, really easy. You see I can lock the rear ends, and that can go to full wheel, drive and see if I can climb this little embankment here she does power. So you got a hell of a true. Okay. So the new one made that river crossing look easy.

But the old one was actually more fun. So if I had to choose I'll, pick. The old one any day go back to TFL AFRICA for my news views and real world side-by-side reviews.


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