Quantos Ml De Refrigerante Cabem Em Uma Garrafa De 1,5 Litros​

Hello guys all the best with you fall study more and let's start here solving another exercise and chemistry. This exercise is part of a series that the channel called student doubts the chemistry of enemy, where it solved the doubts and questions that are sent by students who are part of the Na. Chemistry course, here the study channel more if you want to participate in, this course, what it is the description of this video here on YouTube participating in the enemy. Chemistry course, you can also send. Your chemistry questions so that you can solve them in the form of a video, well, let's, go, let's, start this question that says, the following:, how many ml forget a thousand liters of cable soda in a bottle with 1.5 liters well, We have to understand that a little about the unit of Como me, both the Mr. And the liter are units of volume are the two floors in one that you have to know how to convert one into the other, For example, if you have a container the and this container, it occupies a.

Volume of 1 liter while CML, you have a book you have 1,000 ml. And this is very important that you know in your head, you will only be able to do these conversion calculations from a standard. And the standard is that the every 1 liter, you have 1,000 ml. If you don't, forget this pattern, you do any conversion offense per ml ill to free. But you have to know if the standard one liter equals one thousand milliliters beauty.

Now, you're going to wonder how many Mr points, I, don't know, a Mr me saying, how. Many here under the MLC will put an x how much CML we have in 1.5 liter here. E are going to do a little rule from 3 to 1 did, Ara, a cross multiplication like so we l of will get one. You will multiply it by a thousand, and you will get the another column 1, and it will multiply by x.

For example, a xx put the equal sign to do the next cross multiplication is equal to 1.5 published with 112 x is equal to x after all any number 1, x 1. And the number itself, xx 1 or Trey that x is a letter, but it will also. Give x ok, it's once of x1 once of xx, 1.5, x, 1000, you can multiply San Antonio it's quite simple hotel here, right in the middle of the world, five of the two organisms when you're multiplying by Milner 5 thousand in three years. So what do you do with this figure from Google 5?

You will go there three places to remove it from the multiplication. Then you will cut the comma right here where you put an on. The third roll look just passed one two, three, cut it. Here, add zeros to those nice ones. And then. You'll erase the comma from where I wrote it down I asked here.

She came here, a thousand commas professor, it's, ok, to say that sorry, 1500, Ireland. This means that 1500, people is the same thing as saying, 1500.00 so, correct. You can represent if your answer or just like 1500, 1.5 times book is equal to 1500 and 2500.

What good one has to know any unit of xx. I was looking for is not milliliters. So only have 1500 millimeters to ask the initial was how much CML of cable soda in a 1.5 liter bottle. So you.

Can say answer a thousand and 500 ml of sodas. Ok. This one is a vague answer.

Also, your answer that x is worth 500 ml. Guys. We end here a resolution.

One more chemistry, exercise, I. Hope, you enjoyed this video lesson, I. Hope, you understood the step by step of the resolution of this question. If you liked this video don't, forget to leave the link to share this video lesson on your social networks. So that your friends can also get to know the channel don't study anymore. So you can be helping your friends.

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