Smith & Archer Face Off At Lords As Australia Aim For Ashes Win!

Well has been a lot of talk ahead of this game about this particular contest Australia's best player against the debutante and quickest England bowl of Java Archer. It was quite tough at that point in time. The wicket had started to play a few more tricks, and he was used bowling.

Some good pace when you're playing you're, relying on instinctive just your ability to bat. But when you're not playing, and you're like watching in your life, this is quick and I. Remember like looking at the scoreboard. I was like ninety-six point two I was like a squeak once a little of a blow, and he looks uncomfortable. Well, this could be an important moment in the series. This blow from Jeff Archer on the arm as Brian thought, he breaks his arm what's.

The story. He has a good hit I was kind of struggling a bit with that tell you one bed in time, so there's, nothing better than locking those kids and all about next. So it wasn't, the best feeling I also know with him, he's got to have exactly the right show you. Have exactly the right clubs I'm thinking if he can't hold the bat, I know, that's going to worry him, you could feel it from a long way away. The brooding clouds built. The whole atmosphere, sort of descended around the two of them, I, wouldn't say, it changed my focus or concentration.

It was more the limited things that I was able to do Australia trail by 72. But this is a key moment, not only in the game, but the series Steve Smith. How is he with that arm? I can get my arm up and straight. It was proving. Difficult so it's kind of trying to find another way to score rounds go ahead. Then hey, someone had a big talk, I think will win shock like the worst was when he was lying there.

That was probably the scariest moment for us. All when we say freeware, if they brought because when I saw him go down we're all just like not again, not pleased I can't happen. We never thought would happen.

We never thought you could get here in the head and die from him. I'd never crossed my mind growing up blanket until. It actually happened it's, refusing the point where I got hit, where was your knowing, wasn't too far from where he did. And yeah, just at that point in time I was just the first thing that came into my mind was just not fair like I'm. Okay, like it's not fair. The doc was out there and asking me questions.

And yeah, he was like you're going to get taken off I was like I want to keep going like I feel. Okay, I didn't want to see what was that mean. So I went to the corner of the room and just started preparing. Lockers I had to go out there and back it's, pretty daunting to be fair. Give me a spicy, tell what's ruling do she's been inside the change rooms with any concussion rules it's like who replaces him, insist, I, don't care. What anyone says it was panic stations there for about five minutes, I'd sort of spoken to him when he came off.

And he seemed. Okay. I was actually at the time was more worried about his arm if he breaks and jab he's out of the ashes there's, a lot of discussion after being hit one. The.

Concussion protocols an hour so strict - he was adamant, I'm, really gay all the protocols were remitted, but it's a fine line that you want to win the Test match bit. You got a look after your boys as well. You.


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