The Meaning And Sources Of Authority: Ss 1 Government

So probably you must have seen a king, perhaps a governor or someone in possession of an authority, someone who has the ability to influence others. The question we address in this topic is the meaning of authority before we look at the meaning and the various sources, let's. Consider the nursing objectives. What are the lesson objectives by the end of this lesson? You should be able to one define the concept authority, identify the two resources of authority. You should also identify the types of.

Authority we have and finally differentiate power from authority. Now, let's look at the meaning of authority. What is authority? How do we define authority? The meaning of authority?

First, you must know that you mustn't confuse the concept authority for power authority deals with the right to exercise power or the right to govern. Others. Authority is the power that one ought to obey, because it is legitimate, which means that authority is the legitimate use of power when you use authority. You are not. Forcing the person to obey you authority has to do with people obeying you because they know they ought to obey.

Your authority is the legitimate if noise over orders authority is not the application of force or question or whatsoever. Authority is constitutional. It is respected obeyed. Because the person is in a position that commerce respects. A total obedience haven't, looked at the meaning of authority. Now, let's look at the various sources of authority. What are the sources of authority when we.

Talk of the sources of authority, what should come to our mind is the German sociologist mass weber who told us we have tired sources of authority, namely, the Sega, or if you like, you can call it the rational authority, charismatic authority and traditional authority. You can see the two resources of authority that we have. If you like, you say types, you can see the various sources. They are just theory the traditional rational or mega authority. And then the charismatic authority.

So these sources of. Authority, the traditional is authority that is inherited. It is monarchical. Charismatic is the one has that is a type of authority that one commands obedience because he or she is influential he or she has special qualities. Why the rationale or Sega is the authority that one possesses because he or she has been indebted by the people let's look at the various feedback questions, feedback, questions. Number one, what is authority to state the t resources or types of authority answer?

These. Questions in your notes, if you don't understand these questions, watch the video over again, and then try attempting these questions all right now that you have done that let's continue by looking at the various sources of authority. One after the order first lets, look at the traditional authority. What is it all about traditional authority? Traditional authority have you seen an auburn before or a king let's?

See a queen. The picture here is the queen of England. Traditional authority is the.

Authority that is derived from the people's tradition it is based on hereditary and such authority is based on the traditions and customs of the people. For instance, monarch a monarch derives his or her power from the traditions of the people. Now let's, look at the second types of authority, which is the charismatic authority. Charismatic authority. Charismatic authority is the authority that one possesses because of his or her extraordinary qualities that is the authority that won us because such a. Person is seen as a superhuman as an extraordinary person. So such a person possesses authority because he is respected because of his influence.

Now let's look at another type of authority, which is Sega or rational authority. Now when we talk of Sega or rational authority, you must have seen people going out to cast their votes during elections. People who occupy political positions due to let's say and literal processes. This set of persons enjoy rational. Authority.

Rational authority is the. Authority given to a person constitutionally, it is the authority from the electorates. Now, having looked at the meaning of authority and the various sources we looked at it. We looked at two resources, traditional charismatic, Russia and rational. There are however, other sources of authority or other types. There are three other types of authority, which mass weber didn't measure. What are these types?

They include apart from the traditional authority, charismatic authority, nga or rational authority. We. Have dedicated authority that is the authority that is giving to a person to exercise on behalf of another person again, we have technical authority, which is the authority that one possesses because of his or her technical know-how, political authority, authority that one possesses by virtue of being in the political position.

Also, we have positional authority. Sometimes the position that one occupies makes one to be powerful in terms of exercising such authority. And finally, we have cohesive. Authority this has to do with authority that is with the application of force, the authority that deals with the application of force is coercive authority.

Now we'll look at the differences between power and authority. What are the various differences between power and authority? What are the differences between power and authority? What are those differences? One power is not always bigger, but authority is always bigger. Again. Power is sometimes not acquired through peacefulness.

It is usually true. Force or cohesion, but authority is peaceful at all times again, power is not sometimes it's not legitimate. But authority is backed up by legitimacy.

Power is manifested by the use of force. But authority is based on the legitimate use of power have a look at the differences between authority and power that is power is always forceful. Authority is not again.

You must take notes that when one disobeys power, the consequence is always grave. It is always brutal let's. Look at some exercises that you need. To answer which forms your assignment, exercise assignment number one, what is authority to explain the resources of authority highlight any five types of authority and four differentiate power from authority answer these questions in your notes and ensure that you study ahead until we meet again in our next class? Do have a wonderful time to yourself goodbye. So you.


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